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You can compare bike insurance quotes from over 30 insurance companies with one simple form. Complete the form in a matter of minutes to begin comparing bike insurers and save yourself ££££’s!

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Bike Insurance Glossary of Terms:

  • Third party only: This is the minimum level of cover required by UK law and includes liability for damage or injuries to any third parties and damage to their property.
  • Third party fire and theft: As well as claims made against you in the event of an accident, it also covers fire, bike theft and damage from an attempted theft.
  • Comprehensive: Will usually allow you to make a claim for damages to your motorcycle in the event of an accident (subject to exclusions) and will also typically cover vandalism, accidental damage and medical expenses (policies may vary between insurance companies).
  • Excesses: An excess is the contribution you will have to make towards a claim. This is typically split into a ‘compulsory excess’ – an amount your insurer decides you must pay towards a claim; and a ‘voluntary excess’. A voluntary excess is agreed when taking out a policy and this is an additional amount paid towards the cost of a claim. Setting the voluntary excess at a high level could reduce premiums – but it should only be set at a level you can comfortably afford if a claim is necessary.
  • No-claims bonus: For every year you are insured and don’t make a claim you will build up a no-claims bonus. Bear in mind that any claim on an insurance policy under which the insurer cannot recover its losses – even if the accident was not your fault – will affect your no-claims bonus. With some insurers it is possible to protect a no-claims discount after four or more years for an additional premium meaning that if a claim is made you will not lose your no-claims discount.
  • Policy exclusions: Every insurance policy has exclusions – circumstances under which the insurer will not pay out. They vary between providers so check your terms and conditions carefully.

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